For plants that'll grow in your garden - like our range of quality New Zealand trees, vegetable and flowering plants - we're your West Coast garden centre.

We only stock plants that'll grow in the unique West Coast conditions - plants that'll grow in your garden. So if you're planting in Hokitika or Hari-hari, Greymouth or Granity, or anywhere else, we've got the local knowledge to help you pick the right plants.

Flowering Plants

Flowering bedding plants provide fantastic colour in your garden throughout the year.

Whether it be pansies for spring colour or marigolds and impatiens to brighten up your summer garden. Annual flowering plants are available in our garden centre throughout the year - with varieties varying according to the season.

Perennial Plants

Year-on-year growth and flowering is what you get from our large range of perennials available all year, with the selection influenced by the season.

Whether it be agapanthus for that dry bank, perennial petunias for the hanging basket, hellebores or heucheras for a shady spot in the garden - we stock the lot, depending on the season. Our greatest range is available in spring.


We stock a great range of shrubs from low groundcovers to hedging plants and every size and shape in-between.

We stock shrubs for fragrance with boronias, daphne and wintersweet the most popular. Groundcover shrubs include rosemary for fragrance, grevilleas for attracting birds and helianthemum that dry bank.


From hardy mountain species to salt tolerant coastal trees, we have the total range.

Flowering Cherry Tree

Our selection of trees include a wide range of evergreen and deciduous varieties, suited for West Coast conditions. The selection varies, from starter grade for shelter and firewood, through to ready trees at wholesale prices.

New Zealand Native Plants

For trees and plants from New Zealand, our range is comprehensive - from ferns to modern hybrids - we've got a New Zealand native plant for every situation.

Kakabeak (Clianthus) flowering tree

Native plants have evolved to grow in our unique environment and will withstand most of the adverse conditions Mother Nature throws at them. They are perfect for sheltering your less hardy specimens and by creating pockets of native habitat for our native birds.

Vegetable Plants

The fresh taste of home grown vegetables delivered daily to your table exactly at the right time of ripeness is not a dream! Our range is large and varies with the seasons.

Broccoli vegetable plant

Plant seedlings ready for you or grow from seed, the choice is huge and yours. Plant them all!

Fruit Trees and Fruit Plants

Enjoy home-grown tree-ripened fresh fruit from your own orchard. We've got the fruit trees and plants that'll make it happen.

Red Apple Fruit Tree

Having established our own orchard over many years we're well informed at advising you on the best options for your site and situation. And all our fruit trees arrive bare rooted in winter - which means you'll pay less than the big box stores!


Choose from a fantastic range of colours, fragrances, flower sizes, shapes and growth habits.

Yellow Rose

Our range is extensive: beautiful David Austin roses such as Graham Thomas or Pat Austin, or the hardy coastal tolerant rugosa roses - we stock the lot. For special occasions we have all the popular variaties: Compassion, Golden Jubilee, Congratulationsi and Loving Memory.


Beautiful flowering in your garden throughout spring - West Coast conditions provide the perfect enviroment for rhododendrons.


West Coast conditions are ideal for rhododendrons, our acidic moist soil makes them an easy growing must in every garden.


Our range of Camellias is wide, with just about every shape and colour flower on evergreen bushy shrubs

Camellia Plant

Excellent for hedging, or as a specimen. Pick the fantastic blooms that are produced in abundance from early winter through to late spring.